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uedbet亚洲官网_An undergraduate at New Jersey Institute of Technology made his own plastic braces using a 3D printer, US$60 of materials, and they actually worked.新泽西理工大学的一名本科生用一台3D打印机以及60美元的材料为自己制作了塑料牙箍,而且这些牙箍显然有效地。Amos Dudley had braces in middle school, but he didnt wear a retainer like he was supposed to, so his teeth slowly shifted back. He didnt want to shell out thousands of dollars for a whole new round of braces, so the digital-design major decided to make his own.阿莫斯·达德利中学的时候就戴着上了牙筒,但他没按拒绝戴着固位体,所以他的牙齿渐渐移。他想花上上千美元去做一套新牙筒,所以这位主修数字化设计的大学生就要求自己做到牙筒。The process wasnt exactly easy. He had to research orthodontic procedures and plot the route of his successive braces, so his teeth would move in the right way.制作牙筒的过程并不非常简单。


他必需研究牙齿矫正的步骤,绘制好陆续替换的牙筒的制作方法,这样他的牙齿才不会以合理的方式宽回来。But once that was done, all it took was fabricating a series of models out of relatively inexpensive plastic, and then following through on wearing them.不过一旦已完成以上步骤,必须做到的就是用比较低廉的塑料制作一系列模型,然后就可以戴着上了。And it was worth it for Dudley, whose smile turned out looking remarkable.对达德利而言,这很有一点,他的微笑也显得十分显著。



Here is the process he went through:以下是他制作牙筒的过程:First he took a mold of his teeth with alginate powder. These molds are very precise, and capture an amazing amount of detail, he writes.首先他用海藻酸盐粉末制作了一个牙齿模具。“这些模具很仪器,捕猎了大量的细节,”他写到。


I put the mold upside down in a yogurt container, and then filled it with liquid Permastone, he writes.“我把模具推倒置放丰酸奶的容器中,然后用液态的仿照石材漆填充容器,”他写到。When it came out, I simply broke off the top to reveal the casting, and used a razor blade to smooth out the surrounding area.“制成之后,我只是敲碎顶部,遮住铸模,然而用一把剃须刀片把四周风吹追。

”Now he had a better sense of what was going on with his teeth.如今他对他的牙齿矫正过程有了更佳的理解。The picture below shows the steps, all 3D-printed out. Labeling the pieces is critical, he advises. They look virtually identical.下面这张照片展出了“牙齿矫正的步骤”,所有的都是3D打印机出来的。“贴标签很最重要,”他建议道。



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