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库克首次回应苹果造车报道 汽车业巨变将至:uedbet赫塔菲官网

Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple, has warned that the global automobile industry is on the brink of a technology-led upheaval, in his most direct public comments yet addressing reports that the iPhone maker is planning to start making its own cars.苹果(Apple)首席执行官蒂姆錠克(Tim Cook)警告称之为,全球汽车行业将要步入技术主导的剧变,这是他目前为止尤为必要地公开发表对此有关这家iPhone制造商计划生产汽车的报导。“It would seem that there will be massive change, massive, in that industry,” Mr Cook said during an interview at the Wall Street Journal’s annual tech conference in Southern California. “I do think that industry is at an inflection point for massive change, not just evolutionary change.”库克在《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)的南加州年度技术大会上拒绝接受专访时回应:“这个行业或许将不会经常出现极大的变化,十分大。我的确指出该行业正处于剧变的临界点上,不只是渐进式的变化。


”Apple has been assembling a team of automotive experts and studying what it would take to become a carmaker, according to people familiar with its thinking.知情人士称之为,苹果仍然在重新组建一个汽车专家团队,并研究怎样才能沦为一家汽车制造商。Mr Cook did not respond to questions about whether Apple would make its own cars, but made it clear that a series of technology shifts were coming together to create a rare opportunity for outsiders to break into the business.库克没对此苹果否要生产自己的汽车的问题,但他具体回应,一系列技术变化陆续做到,为局外人转入这一行业获取了少见的机遇。“What I see is, software becomes an increasingly important component of the car in future,” he said. “Autonomous driving becomes very much more important in a huge way in future.”他说道:“我指出,未来软件将沦为汽车上更加最重要的组件。自动驾驶也将显得更为最重要。


”In spite of the expansive predictions, Apple’s chief said that, for now, his company’s focus would be on winning over car owners with its CarPlay system, which provides a way to plug an iPhone into a car’s systems to act as an entertainment, information and communications gateway.尽管外界流传着宏伟的应验,但库克回应,就目前而言,苹果将致力于让车主加装CarPlay系统,该系统可以让iPhone终端汽车系统,作为一个娱乐、信息和通信网关口。“What we really want, hopefully in the short term, is, we want people when they enter their car to have an iPhone experience,” he said. The poor performance of carmakers’ own technology has left a huge opening for companies such as Apple, Mr Cook suggested, with the current systems usually not ranked among the 10 things car owners like best about their vehicles.他回应:“我们确实想的、而且期望在短期就构建的是,让人们上车后有一种iPhone体验。”库克回应,汽车制造商自己的技术展现出差劲,给苹果等公司留给了极大的机会,当前的车载系统一般来说会分列在车主最喜欢的十大设备之佩。



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